Proxy Registration & Guidelines can be found here



Credential letters for State Conference 2019 must be received by 5PM AWST Friday 16 August 2019
The deadline for payment of Delegate Registration Fees is 5PM AWST Friday 16 August 2019

Signed Credential letters can be submitted directly to [email protected] if not already received by Party Office.

A Delegate will be considered registered for Conference once
Credentials have been received and the Registration Fee has been paid.



State Conference will include all members of the Administrative Committee, and also an equal number of Political Delegates and Affiliated Union delegates. Political Delegates are Credentialed by their Branch, Affiliated Union delegates are Credentialed by the Secretary or President of that Union.

Any Party Unit or Affiliated Union which sends delegates to Conference must supply to the State Secretary a credential for each delegate, signed by the President or Secretary of the Party unit or affiliated Union.

A person may be a delegate for only one Party Unit or Affiliated Union at Conference.